About us

Fundial S.L.U. is an alumina refinery founded in 1990.

We are dedicated to manufacture aluminium alloys from secondary smelting for ingot casting, in accordance with all types of specifications.

We meet the demands of the automotive, household appliance and electronic equipment sectors, among others, both on the domestic and international markets. Our goals are “Quality of the finished products” and “Complete customer satisfaction”, and to this end we manufacture ingots that add value in the final process in these respects.


Our alumina refinery has a well-established track record as one of the most competitive on the market, equipped with the latest technological advances, which are harnessed in its production system.

Our facilities are situated over an area of 10,000 m2, in one of the best protected regions of northern Spain.

Our growth in recent years has gone hand in hand with a firm commitment to technological competitiveness in our processes.

One of our most recent investments is the installation of a rotary furnace with a capacity of 40 tons, which has enabled us to considerably increase our production process to an annual output of 40,000 tons. This helps set us apart from the competition in the secondary aluminium sector.

Our locations

Ctra. N-240, Vitoria-Bilbao. Km.13
01170 Legutiano (Álava)
Aptdo de correos 891
01080 Vitoria (Álava)