FUNDIAL S.L. is a refinery with a clear environmental purpose, both in its production policies and in its internal management.

Our main activity is production of aluminium alloys from secondary smelting, starting from high-quality raw material. This is an activity endorsed by the Integrated Environmental Authorisation AAI-00155 granted by the Department of the Environment of the Basque Government.

At Fundial we promote conservation of our environment by using recycled materials, the future of a sustainable world/industry.


In order to minimize environmental impacts, a series of practical measures continue in force, including:

  • Reuse of all process water by closed-loop process recycling system
  • Use of natural gas as fuel, since it is the cleanest possible fuel, thus minimising atmospheric emissions
  • The correct separation and management of all waste generated
  • Inspection and control of incoming raw materials in order to prevent entry of hazardous or unwanted materials into the production process and subsequent smelting
  • Correct maintenance of the purification system for slag water and water from sanitary facilities prior to discharge
  • Suctioning of air, gases and fumes produced during different alloying procedures in the furnaces for smelting and refining alumina for subsequent filtration, achieving atmospheric emissions with a content of particles and other pollutants much lower than the legally stipulated maximum.
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